Color-Changing Pipes: Knowing What These Product Are and Where to Buy Them

08 Feb

Are you familiar of the color-changing pipes? Where can we buy them? If you want to know the answers to these questions, then continue reading this article.

A Historical Overview of the Chameleon Pipes

Surely, not all of us are aware of the existence of these color-changing or chameleon pipes, right? That's because we only saw those ordinary pipes. It was not until 1980's when the famous glass-blowing artisan Bob Snodgrass discovered and created the chameleon pipes. He found out that coating pipes with gold or silver fumes will result to the gradual changing of colors. This innovation opens a new world  for the glass blowing sector.

How Does the Changing of Colors Worked?

Glass artisans vaporized the metal alloys so as to create fumes that inside the glass pipes. These pipes are rotated until such time visible layer of vaporized metal is visible on the pipe surface. Afterwards, another glass layer is added so as to encase the vaporize metal in between the two glass layers. We notice change in colors in the glass pipes due to the metal alloy that contains the light colored ions. Over time, resins are built up behind the thin ion layers, thereby creating the dark background that makes the color of the ions more visible. The moment users clean the pipes, the ions will again become invisible. The changing of pipe colors is repeated in a cycle. Check this article to know more!

Normally, these glass pipes have transparent and clean appearance and you will notice the changing of colors when it appears slightly foggy or translucent. In most cases the colors appear in blue, yellow to pinkish tint. These colors will create unique and complete glass piece for users to enjoy. Because of these qualities, these pipes are becoming very popular everywhere. However, finding retailers and detailers selling quality pipes isn't that easy. To give you some hints on how to go about it, you can consider the tips below. Should you wish to learn more about glass pipe at

How to Find Reputable and Dependable Retailers of Color Changing Pipes?

Since not all are familiar about these pipes, it is suggested that you ask those who have previous experiences in purchasing these products. Otherwise, you need to do some prior investigation and research to find trusted, dependable, licensed and accredited retailers of these pipes. Do some background checking by perusing their websites to know the feedback, comments and reviews of their past clients. Trust only retailers, manufacturers and companies that are known far and wide for producing and selling topnotch quality and durable color-changing pipes. Be sure to check it out!

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